Hello from the Workstream team! We hope you had a great month of April. In addition to getting a lot of new features out to you (see below), many members of our team visited the beautiful Yosemite National Park in California :)

When we're not scaling mountains, our team has been hard at work to make Workstream better for you. See below for a list of core features we built in April! (and countless smaller things improved)

If you have any questions about any of the new features, or anything else comes to mind -- don't hesitate to let us know! Just reply to this email :)

1) Workstream now automatically prompts applicants to take the next step, in addition to sending automated SMS and email, so we can get more people through the screening process, faster.

2) Automatically remind applicants if they get stuck. Workstream can now send automated reminder SMS/email if applicants do not complete a step.

3) Get email notifications when applicants come in. Set it up in 15 seconds! You can also reply to the email notifications directly to communicate with applicants.

4) Have applicants re-attempt a quiz if they don't pass the first time. You can even randomize the answers each time they re-attempt!

5) Easily re-order questions with drag and drop.  

6) Export all applicants to a CSV or JSON file. Even the attachments!

7) Correct the typos that applicants make. You can now edit their responses so your records are always up-to-date. 

8) Last but not least, we will now publish your jobs to ZipRecruiter as well as Indeed

Thanks for being a great supporter of Workstream. You've made it all the way to the bottom -- hooray! Have a cookie! 

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