Time flies! It's almost the end of June; half a year has flown by! 

Here's what's new on Workstream in the last two weeks.

1. Online signing of government forms W-4 and I-9

  • If you're already using the online signing (e-signature) feature, you can easily add W-4 and I-9 forms to the signing package!

  • Message us at help@workstream.is if you want to try out online signing, or have suggestions of other forms we should incorporate.

2. Job posting refresh

  • Keep your job fresh, and keep your applicants coming :)

  • We will periodically help you refresh your posting on job boards, if the posting exceeds 45+ days.

  • You can also manually re-publish the job to refresh its listing!

3. Others + 🐛 squashing

  • You can now use Date as a question type to ask applicant to enter a date

  • We made a concerted effort to squash some bugs this week, so your experience is that much cleaner :)

Lastly, our Asia team had a mini gathering in Singapore! Say hi! 👋

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