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  • Learn the different report statuses and background checks

  • Move and track the applicants on Workstream and Checkr accounts

  • Review background reports

  • Accept / decline the applicant

In order to run a background check, make sure that the applicant(s) is/are moved to the background check stage on Workstream account.

STEP 1: Go to the Applicants tab in the Workstream dashboard.

STEP 2: Select a position.

STEP 3: Select the stage the applicant is currently parked in.

STEP 4: Click the three-dotted line located in the last column.

STEP 5: Select Move to stage.

STEP 6: Select the Background check stage and choose Move.

A. Report Status

The report is still processing and will be finalized between 3 - 5 days. 

The report is clear and no adverse information has been found on any of the screenings.

The report is complete and contains some adverse information to evaluate.

The report cannot be completed if there is missing information. Check contacts the applicant automatically to submit additional documentation.

Adverse Action is any action you take based on the information in a background check report that negatively affects someone’s employment.

B. Types of Searches 😃

Below are the different types of background checks that Workstream - Checkr can provide for you:

  1. Criminal Records - This report indicates all the summary of the contacts the person has made with the law enforcement agencies. There are two major types of criminal records: National criminal record and County criminal record. 

  2. Sex Offender Records - This report indicates all the registered sex offenders in the United States. 

  3. Global Watchlist - This report includes both national and international databases of the FBI Most Wanted Lists, Office of Foreign Assets Control, Interpol, Office of Inspector General, and more.

  4. Motor Vehicle Check - This report indicates if the applicant is safe to have on the road as well as if that individual has accident histories, moving and traffic violations, DUI information and many more.

  5. Drug Screening - This report provides the results of 5-panel/10-panel urine-based drug screening.

In case you need to customize a package,  you may email Checkr at for any assistance.


Background checks are only one of the factors that should be considered when deciding whether or not to proceed with a candidate. So use the background information wisely! It is very important to review the background information carefully to avoid bias in your hiring practices. Please consider whether the results of the background check has a direct impact on the job duties and workplace. Having a criminal background should never automatically eliminate an applicant from consideration if the results are unrelated to the job duties or workplace.

It is a very serious part in the hiring process that deserves a proper care every step of the way.

C. Track candidates using Workstream Account

STEP 1: Go to the Applicants tab.

STEP 2: Open the applicant's profile by clicking the applicant's name.

STEP 3: Go to the Background Check tab to view their background check status.

D. Review background reports 

STEP 4: Next, to view the full detail of the background records of the applicants, you have two options:

a.  Download the "Detailed PDF file" from the Workstream account

  • Click Open link on the Report Download section to download the PDF file summary.

b.  Click Open link on the Checkr Dashboard section to log in to Checkr account

  • You may also go to Checkr's account directly and use your Checkr login email/password to login

  • You may view the applicant's status on your Checkr account

E. Accept / Decline the applicant(s) 

Condition 1: If the applicant status is "Clear" and you want to continue the engagement, you can move the applicant to the next stage of the application process using the Workstream account. 

Condition 2: If the applicant status is "Consider" and if you are considering not proceeding with an applicant, you have the option not to move him/her to the next stage. 

Condition 3: If you have decided not to proceed with an applicant due to the results of their background check report, you must follow Adverse Action procedures.

The Checkr Account will allow you to start the Adverse Action process. After clicking this button, you will be guided to send an email (with Checkr’s tool) to the applicant explaining the charge(s) that may prevent you from moving forward with that candidate. That candidate will then have 5-10 business days to dispute the findings on the background check report. After this period has ended, you can then perform a post adverse action and reject the applicant.

Or, if the applicant has explained the charge to your satisfaction (e.g., the charge actually relates to another individual, etc) you also have the option to cancel the Pre Adverse Action.

To learn more about this process, see Checkr's article on Adverse Action.


Only users with admin or adjudicator roles can manage the Adverse Action process. As an admin user, you are able to change the account settings within Checkr:

  • Add and manage users

  • Configure more powerful, advanced features like programs, geos, and the Positive Adjudication Matrix

  • Review and interpret Checkr's analytics

To learn more about these features, see Checkr's article on Getting Started Guide for Admins.

If you have questions on Adverse Action process and Admin features or want to get access to advanced features, email to get in touch with their Customer Success team.

And if you want to learn more about background check from Checkr, they can visit .

If you have questions and need some assistance, send us a message by clicking the intercom icon found at the bottom right of your dashboard or send us a message at

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