We are excited to announce that Workstream now supports background check for our US and Canada based clients! 

Stay tuned -- even more helpful features are coming in August. We are looking to make the experience of using Workstream much more intuitive.

1. Background check, driving record check, drug screening

  • We now support a variety of background checks for companies based in US and Canada!

  • Checks support include: criminal history, driving record, education/work history, drug screening, among others.

  • Everything is automated. Automatically send background check requests to applicants, and move them onwards if result comes back clear.

  • Privacy and security. Applicant PII securely handled by Checkr directly, no need to write down SSN.

  • Background check conducted via our partner Checkr. Learn more in our help center

2. More powerful signing experience

  • Workstream supports custom offer letters, contracts, and other documents that you want to have applicants sign digitally.

  • We now support initials, checkboxes, and text fields for applicants to complete during the signing process.

  • Learn more in our help center.

3. Interview and training details

  • We know it's important to let the applicants know where and how they're supposed to meet, so now we've added the ability for you to specify details in your scheduled meetings! 🙌

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