The Adverse Action features are available for employment screening and simplify efforts to ensure a compliant screening process. Our applicant support is available via phone, email, and applicant portal to assist candidates and guide them through the process. All of these services are offered at no additional cost. 

However, in addition to the cost of the background check, your reports may be subject to various third-party access fees, including county and state court access fees, DMV access fees, and employment/education verification fees (for a listing, please refer to this article).

Checkr does not mark up any fees; instead we send them in your invoice at cost. For example, for county fees, even though criminal records are a matter of public record, jurisdictions that house the records have the right to charge a fee to access the data. Of the 3,200 counties in the United States, roughly 10% charge a fee.

For more on pass-through fees, please see this article on the Checkr Help Center. 

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