Exceptions occur when an applicant’s name, date of birth, SSN and/or driver's license number cannot be validated using the information they originally submitted. When an exception occurs, Checkr automatically sends the applicant an email notification, which includes an upload link that they can use to provide the necessary documentation securely. If the applicant does not respond within seven days, the report is suspended. 

Types of Exceptions: 

  • Date of Birth/Name Mismatch - The name or date of birth provided by the applicant doesn’t match the name or DOB returned by the credit bureaus.

  • License Not Found - Driver License number does not match DMV records and motor vehicle record (MVR) cannot be found.

  • Invalid Social Security Number - Submitted SSN is invalid (e.g. SSN appears on the IRS Master Death File) and the system cannot detect and fix any typos.

  • Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Records - PA restricts access to MVRs for drivers in their state. In order to access MVRs for PA drivers, a company must fill out, sign, and have an affidavit notarized. Please contact Checkr if you require PA MVRs - clients@checkr.com. Once signed and notarized, Checkr will send the affidavit to the PA Department of Transportation. Processing time is typically 2 weeks. 

Checkr reviews uploaded documents within 24 hours. Refer applicants to the Applicant Portal to submit their information if they missed our automated emails (sometimes they end up in spam folders). Once all exceptions are resolved, the report resumes. This is indicated by a green check and the exception alert being greyed out.

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