To view the applicant's Background Check status, follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Log in to your Workstream account then go to Applicants.

STEP 2: Select a position.

STEP 3: Under Stages, select Background Check.

STEP 4: Select the applicant's name.

STEP 5: On the applicant's profile tab, select Background.

STEP 6: A detailed status of the applicant's background check will appear.

Here are the status options: 

1) Pending: The report is processing and will typically be finalized in 2 – 3 business days. In some instances, county criminal searches take significantly longer if we are searching for criminal records in a county that processes search requests in a less-efficient manner. Unfortunately, the County Criminal search cannot be expedited since Checkr operates at the mercy of the courts. 

2) Clear: The report is complete and does not contain adverse information on any of the screenings. 

3) Consider: There can be three reasons for this status: 

  • The report is complete and contains some sort of adverse information to evaluate (criminal records, traffic infractions, sex offender status, etc.) 

  • The Motor Vehicle Report contains violations that do not meet your MVR criteria

  • The Employment and/or Education verifications weren’t successful 

4) Dispute: The report is complete, and the applicant has contacted Checkr to contest its accuracy. Adjudication is blocked while a report status is in Dispute. The reinvestigation window for disputed reports is a maximum of 30 days. Your team will be notified via email upon the conclusion of a reinvestigation. 

5) Suspended: The report cannot be completed because information is missing or cannot be verified. Checkr has contacted the applicant to submit additional documents. Typically reports are suspended if the necessary documents are not provided within 7 days. The report is reinitiated once the information is confirmed. 

6) Pre Adverse Action (Overall Status): In the context of background checks, Adverse Action is any action you take based on the information in a background check report that negatively affects someone’s employment. This could mean denying them employment, but can also include denying a promotion or transfer, offering employment in a lesser position, or other negative outcomes. To know more on the The Adverse Action process, click here.

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