August brought many exciting new features to Workstream. We're proud to release several features to help you better qualify and filter your applicant pool to find that gem of an applicant -- with filters and data validation. 

In addition, we've heard you loud and clear that scheduling interviews is a key part of your workflow, and are actively working to make it better -- with Google Calendar integration and support accounts. (shh, there's even more to come soon!)

1. Filter applicants based on their responses

  • See applicants by availability, shifts, regional preferences, experiences, and much more to find your best fit!

  • Filter is available with any checkbox, multiple choice, or dropdown questions that you define.

2. Get better quality responses with data validation

  • Supports minimum response length, maximum response length, date range, and numbers. 

  • For power users, you can also use regular expressions.

  • Don't forget, we also support email, phone, and ID number fields too!

3. Keep track of all applicant files in one place

  • Got a file that you need to keep in Workstream? You can now add any attachments to the applicant's profile.

4. Keep track of interviews with Google Calendar integration

  • It's finally here! Link your Google calendar for 2-way integration.

  • Confirmed interviews will show up on your Google Calendar as a separate calendar.

  • Your existing Google Calendar events will now show up in Workstream.

5. Manage your teammate's calendars, too

  • Now, admin accounts can manage the time slots on behalf of other teammates! 

You've made it all the way to the bottom, we're so happy for you! Look at these 😀😃😄😁😆

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