A new week, and a (lot) of new exciting features to help our clients streamline their hiring process!

1. Share your job easily on social media

  • Get more exposure for your jobs by sharing them on social media sites! 

  • Your followers are your strongest source of loyal applicants and future employees. 

  • Reach out to help@workstream.is if there are other social media sites that you want to see added! 

2. Chat directly with applicants

  • See the back-and-forth conversation with applicants at a glance, including messages that Workstream automatically sends out. 

  • No more clicking and opening messages!

  • Send an email + SMS response with a single click. 

3. Interview applicants as a team

  • We know you already tag-team to interview applicants, and now Workstream supports that natively, too. 

  • See your teammate's calendars overlapped on top of your own, no more toggling back and forth.

  • Sync with your Google Calendar to see your GCal events directly in Workstream when you're adding timeslots.

  • Admins can modify teammate's calendars too. Reach out to help@workstream.is if you have questions on admin permissions.

4. Post your job on Craigslist and KSL

  • Our #1 priority is to help you get More Qualified Applicants. 

  • Now you can post to KSL and Craigslist, and manage your billing directly with Workstream.

  • Before you start, go to Company Integrations and make sure you enable the job boards.

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