To send bulk messages, take the following steps:

STEP 1: From your Workstream dashboard, select the Applicants tab.

STEP 2: Select which tab the applicants are currently parked in.

STEP 3: Select the names of the applicants to send the message.

STEP 4: Select the Actions button located on the upper right side of your screen and choose whether you want to send an email or sms to your applicants.

STEP 5: Type your message in the pop-up box shown on your screen. Preview if necessary and once done, choose Send.

NOTE: The SMS are usually being sent using short code 31063. If you wish to leave a contact number that applicants can reply back to, simply select hr_phone_number from the list of predefined merge tags.

Sending direct messages to an applicant

Want to talk to our Support team? Look for the Intercom icon at the bottom right part of your dashboard and click on New Conversation  or send an email at

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