Hi hiring managers, this is your complete guide to Workstream. In here, you will find the most important information about Workstream, broken down into a step-by-step approach, just for you! 

Let’s get started! 

Positions Page

Upon login, you will first enter the Positions page. In the body of the dashboard, it shows the different Positions that your company is hiring for.

NOTE: Every company have a different permissions set-up, hence, you may only be able to see applicants specific to your own location/ department.  

View Applicants You Are Interested In

Select the specific position that you are interested to look into or that you are currently hiring for. In here, you will see all applicants that have applied for that position in the different stages of the hiring flow.

View a Specific Applicant’s Profile

Just by selecting the applicant’s name, you will be able to see the applicant’s information, full history, add notes and more.
Here is how you can do so. 

Different Stages of the Hiring Flow

These are the different stages of the hiring flow. Simply click on the stage that you are interested in to see the applicants in that particular stage.

Next, let’s dive into the important features that will prove useful for your day to day usage of Workstream. From filtering of applicants, to scheduling for an interview with them, you can do so easily with Workstream!

Filter Button 

You can quickly filter for fitting applicants that suit the criteria that you are specifically looking for in that hire based on applicant tags, questions or scores. 

Action Button 

With this really powerful button, you can move applicants around to any other stage within the hiring flow or even across positions or locations to one that you feel would suit the applicant better.

Under the Action button, you can also send bulk texts and emails. Gone are the days where you have to manually email or text applicants one by one. With Workstream, you can do this in bulk, where you can fully customise and add a personal touch to the message!
Here is how.

Scheduling Tab

Easily set-up and manage time slots for your interviews. Do take note that you must add time slots before moving applicants to the interview stage. After selecting the Scheduling tab, you will be brought to the master calendar.

You can either click on the time you wish to be available; or in the event that you need to choose more than one time click and hold on a starting time slot, then drag down to until what time you wish to be available for interviewing.

Under advanced settings, you can set for more than one applicant to come in for an interview time slot etc. 

Here is an article to help you better make use of the scheduling feature.

Customize Your Notifications

You don’t have to be notified on every movement happening on Workstream, just get the relevant ones sent to your inbox!
Here is how. 

On the most right hand corner of the dashboard, click on your user name for a drop down menu and select Account. Then, on the left hand side of this page, select Notification settings. Simply select the specific applicant actions that you want to be notified on, via your email! 

Eg: If you want to be notified When a new applicant applies for a position, simply check that checkbox and you will receive a notification in your email inbox every time a new applicant applies!

Add Applicant Button

You can add applicants manually. You may be using another website or job board to source for applicants and you can add their details into Workstream so as to have one single platform to track your applicants.
Here is an article that will be useful.

For more articles and FAQs, we got you covered here

With this, you are now ready to hire faster and better, with Workstream! 

Want to talk to our support team? Look for the Intercom icon at the bottom right part of your dashboard and click on New Conversation or send an email at help@workstream.is.

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