As an HR Manager, you direct the hiring process as you are the ones to set requirements, evaluate candidates and sometimes make a final hiring decision. In this guide, the tools that Workstream offers may not only save your time but also will help you evaluate your applicants better and enhance the applicant experience. 

In this article, you will learn how to:

A. Update Job Description
B. Update Screening Questions
C. Customize Hiring Process
D. Update Email / SMS Templates
E. Create a New Position

Let’s get started.

A. Update Job Description 

Workstream offers you to add, edit or update your own job description which consists of the title, location, department, section, and set of questions.

Most of the time, you are tasked with reviewing and modifying job descriptions to help minimize poor hires. Making your revision and improvement a priority will help ensure that you aren’t missing out on potential top talent at the very beginning of the recruitment process.

1. Choose the Position You Wish to Update

1.1.   Click the three-dotted line on the corresponding position.
1.2.  Select Edit position button.

2. Edit the Job Description 

2.1   Job Details
       2.1.1. Position title and category
       2.1.2. Location and Department

2.1.3. Compensation and Benefits
       2.1.4. Employment Details

2.1.5. Full Job Description

2.2   Click the Save button after to proceed

B. Update Screening Questions

This feature helps you filter applicants easily whether or not the role is right for them. This will increase your efficiency by decreasing the amount of busy work you have to do during the recruitment process.

1. Application

1.1. Add or Edit the application questions
      1.1.1. Set-up form types such as the short answer, paragraph answer, file upload, etc
      1.1.2. Click the Add button after when you add questions or click the Save button when you edit a question.

2. Smart Screening

Smart screening questions are part of your initial application stage which helps you filter out applicants who do not meet your requirements. You can set your own smart screening questions depending on the requirements and qualifications you are looking for in an applicant.

2.1. Add or Edit the screening questions:
        2.1.1. Click the Add question button
        2.1.2. Choose the Smart screening as the type
        2.1.3. Type the question and choose your If and Then statement

2.2 Click the Add button to save 

C. Customize Hiring Process

Workstream allows you to customize your application process and customize each stage of  the recruitment step. It is more important to look at your recruitment process and think about how you want to streamline your hiring process.

1.  Select the position you wish to work on 

1.1. Click the three-dotted line on the corresponding position.
1.2. Select Edit position button.
1.3. Add stages: Click the Add new stage button and choose a stage type

Workstream offers you different stage types:

       1.2.1.  Form Stage
       1.2.2. Quiz Stage
       1.2.3. Scheduling Stage
       1.2.4. Online Signing Stage
       1.2.5. Background Check Stage
       1.2.6. Review and Long-term Holding Stage

1.3. Remove stages: Select the stage and click the trash-like icon button.

1.4. Rearrange the stages by dragging them.

D. Update Email / Sms Templates

Customizing your sms and email templates is one of the flexible things that you can do while using Workstream. In Workstream, we value the culture of your company and because of this, we give you the option to edit the templates the way you want to address your notifications to your applicants.

1.  Select the position you wish to work on 

2. Select Edit position button.

3. Choose among the stages and go to Automation. Select the corresponding automated messages you wish to update/edit

Nowadays, applicants want swift and instant responses to their job applications. Updating automated messages will help your applicants be informed, keep them updated and remind on time.

4. Click either Automated email template or Automated SMS template.

Note that there are several ‘Merge fields/tags’ that you can use to add to your automated messages. For more information, refer to this article.

E. Create a New Position

When you duplicate a position, all the details (including the questions set up and the stages) will be copied to the newly added position. In this way, you don't have to create or copy the same questions or create same stages all over again.

This saves time and effort especially if you have multiple of job postings but all have the same set of questions and stages. Duplication is the key!

Now that you have already done updating the job description, smart screening questions, customize the hiring process, update the additonal information stage and email/sms templates - now it’s time to duplicate!

1. Choose any of the existing positions you have in your account 

2. Click its corresponding action button and select Duplicate position

3. Once the position has been duplicated, you will see a copy of the duplicated position.

4. To edit the duplicated position, click its corresponding action button and select Edit position

To learn more about adding a new position, you may refer to this help article.

Want to talk to our support team? Look for the Intercom icon at the bottom right part of your dashboard and click on New Conversation or send an email at

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