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Workstream’s New Indeed Sponsored Jobs Integration Boosts Job Visibility and Analytics
Workstream’s New Indeed Sponsored Jobs Integration Boosts Job Visibility and Analytics
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At Workstream, we’re always looking for ways to help employers find the right talent, fast. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Indeed and launch our new Indeed Sponsored Jobs integration. The integration lets you promote your jobs on Indeed using Workstream, and gives you the performance data you need to optimize your hiring. 

Shine the spotlight on your need-to-fill roles

While all of your public jobs in Workstream are searchable on Indeed, as jobs similar to yours are added, older postings naturally “fall back” in search results and lose visibility over time. To give your jobs greater visibility on Indeed, you can pay to promote them as Sponsored Jobs. Sponsored Jobs appear prominently in Indeed's search results, and they receive up to 5X more clicks(1). 

Track and analyze your sponsored campaigns

This new integration brings you the robust data and analytics you need to evaluate your Indeed Sponsored Jobs campaigns. Because you will use a company-specific Indeed account to sponsor jobs, you’ll have access to their Employer Dashboard. The Employer Dashboard lets you see the clicks, applies, and other metrics associated with your sponsored campaign. 

Easily measure and share campaign ROI

Your Indeed Employer Dashboard gives you the data you need to assess campaign performance. 

See at a glance how many times your sponsored jobs have been seen and clicked on, and what your average cost per click is, so you can confidently report on current performance, and use that data to help plan future sponsored campaigns. 

Get started

When you create new jobs in Workstream, you’ll be asked if you want to sponsor them before you post. If you don’t have an Indeed account, you’ll be prompted to create one when you sponsor a job. Once you’ve completed your first sponsorship in Workstream, visit to verify that your campaign is live and your account is set up correctly. 

This article may help you on how to sponsor a job posting on Indeed using Workstream.

If you have questions about this new integration, please contact us at For questions about Sponsored Jobs on Indeed, you can contact them via email at or visit their Help Center.

Please note that a valid Indeed account is required before your Sponsored Job campaign can go live, so be sure to verify that your account is set up correctly at

1 Indeed data (worldwide)

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