Why sponsor a job on Indeed?

  • More applicants: Sponsored Jobs receive up to 5X more clicks
  • You’re in control: Start, adjust, or end your campaign at any time
  • No one-size fits all posting fees: Select the budget that works for you
  • Pay for performance: You’re only charged when candidates click on your job(s)
  • Detailed metrics and analytics: Your Indeed Dashboard gives you the data you need to understand performance and optimize your campaigns

To sponsor a job on Indeed, here is what you need to do:

STEP 1: Login in your Workstream account and on the left side of your dashboard, go to Locations.

STEP 2: Select and open the position you want to publish, then click the Settings button found on the right side of your screen.

STEP 3: On the Progress panel at the left, click on Job boards button, and then scroll down until you reach the Premium section.

STEP 4: Select the Indeed Sponsored, and then choose your fixed budget and type your email address, and once you are done hit the Sponsor Job on Indeed Now button.

You can stop the posting and Workstream will stop the budget. However you get charged for the days it was active. To take out the posting, you can just toggle the button in Workstream to turn it off.

Things to Remember: 

1. You must have an Indeed account with current billing set up in order to sponsor jobs on Indeed from Workstream.

2. If this is your first time sponsoring a job, visit https://ads.indeed.com/job/ads to verify if your campaign is live and to complete your one-time account set up.

3. If you already have an Indeed account that matches the email address you use in Workstream, and have a credit card on file with Indeed, you do not need to take any further action. We expect your campaign to go live in a few hours but in some instances it can take 24 hours. You can view your campaign details on your Indeed dashboard: https://ads.indeed.com/jobs/ads

4. If you do not have an Indeed account, or if had an Indeed account without a valid credit card, you will receive an email from Indeed with one-time set up instructions. If you do not receive an email, or if you are uncertain whether you have an Indeed account, you can visit https://billing.indeed.com

5. If you decide to make some changes in your job posting while it is live on Indeed, changes won't trigger another billing.

To learn more about how Workstream's integration with Indeed could boosts job visibility and analytics, please refer to this article

If you have questions about this new integration, please contact us at help@workstream.is.
For questions about Sponsored Jobs on Indeed, you can contact them via email at
sjisupport@indeed.com or visit their Help Center.

Want to talk to our Support team?
Look for the Intercom icon at the bottom right part of your dashboard and click on New Conversation or send an Email at help@workstream.is.

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