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Diagnosing why my jobs aren't showing up on Indeed
Diagnosing why my jobs aren't showing up on Indeed
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You hit publish on Workstream, and selected the Indeed job board. Then you go on to to search for it (which we recommend as a great way to check if the job posting looks the way you want), checking whether it's live. Oh wait -- it's not there yet! "Why isn't my job showing up on Indeed?" is a frequent question we hear from clients. Let us help you diagnose.

1. Did you just publish the job?

It takes up to 24 hours from the time you publish the job through Workstream to having the job show up in search results. If you just published the job a few minutes ago, chances are Indeed hasn't "picked it up" from Workstream yet. Check back a bit later and it should be up.

2. Did you set up the job correctly? 

Make sure that when you publish a job on Workstream, you actually selected to publish to the Indeed job board as well. (here's how)

Also, make sure that the location of the job has a detailed street address, or at the very least country / city / state / zip code. The location information is used to better target the job in search results. If it's not specified, then the job may not show up.

3. Do you have a high quality job title and job description? 

Indeed has its own discretion in reviewing job content and deciding what will be displayed vs. blocked, to ensure a good experience for job seekers. Make sure your job follows the Job Posting Best Practices and Do's and Don'ts that Indeed sets out, and watch the video below to learn more about Indeed Search Quality.  

4. What type of job is it? 

Indeed has its own discretion to determine the types of jobs that can be posted "organically" for free. For certain types of jobs, Indeed does not allow organic visibility, and the jobs must be sponsored to be shown to job seekers. Some, but not all, of these job types are:

  • Evergreen jobs, or jobs that are always open.

  • Commission only jobs 

  • Jobs that are "location blasted", meaning the identical job is posted to multiple locations

  • Jobs that are refreshed too frequently

You can learn more about Search Quality and the types of jobs that can be posted for free on Indeed by reading this and this. Ultimately, while Workstream helps you post the job to Indeed, we don't have influence over your relationship with Indeed. For more questions, you can contact Indeed directly here or reach out to your Indeed representative. 

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