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Generating a Text-To-Apply Code, QR Code Poster, and Business Card
Generating a Text-To-Apply Code, QR Code Poster, and Business Card

Workstream also offers a powerful offline feature to help attract more applicants.

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  • The Text-to-Apply feature goes hand-in-hand with your hiring posters and business cards.

  • This is another great way to let people know that your company is looking to hire more people.

Note: There are two ways to access the Text-to-Apply code, poster and business card.

A. From the Sourcing tab:

B. From the Positions tab:

Go to Job Postings > click the three dots next to the posting of your choice > select View sourcing tools.

Text-To-Apply code

STEP 1: Click Change below the Text-to-apply code to select the brand/location/position that you intend to share.

Note: If you only have one brand/location, you may ignore this step

STEP 2: Click 'Copy Text' and you should be ready to share your Text-to-apply code.

Hiring posters and business cards

STEP 1: Click on 'Create poster or business card' to customize your design.

For accounts with multiple brands/locations, click 'Change' to select the intended option.

STEP 2: Choose from the two design templates available and be more creative by selecting your color of choice.

STEP 3: Once done, click on 'Download poster and card'

If you wish to create your own design, simply click on 'Download QR code' and feel free to use it on a separate poster/brochure/flyer.

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