The Bulk update feature allows you to perform multiple actions, like updating job details, updating hiring process, and updating job boards to multiple positions with just a few steps.

Step 1:
Choose any of the existing positions that you wish to update. Click their check boxes and click the "Bulk update positions" button

Step 2: Updating the job details

A. If you wish to update the job details, click on the checkbox and select which of the categories you want to update.

  • Change position title
  • Change position language
  • Change position location
  • Change position department

You cannot update multiple positions to have the same name, location, and department.

  • Update job description - you can create a new job description or copy from other existing positions. If you want to copy from other positions, click the "copy from existing position button" and select a position to copy from.

You can still edit the position overview, title of the section and its description as well as to add more sections to your job descriptions as shown below

B. Before proceeding to other update sections, you may preview this section first to check the details and to make sure you did not miss other important details. Click on the "Preview" button to do this. If everything looks good, you may click the "Next" button to proceed. 

Step 3: Updating the hiring process

A. You can add a new stage for the selected positions. Click on the "+ Add stage" button

B. You can replace the existing stages of each selected position by copying the stages from other positions. Click on the "Replace stages"

Note: You cannot replace the existing stages when there are current applicants on that position.

C. Click "Next" to continue

D. If you wish to copy a rejection template from other positions, click on the "copy from existing positions" then select a position you wish to copy from and click "copy from position" button. Click "Next" to continue

Step 4: Updating the job boards

You may also update the selected positions by updating the job boards. Note that the job boards you see here are the free job boards offered by Workstream. Then Click "Next" to continue.

Step 5: Review and confirm changes

  • You are allowed to review all the changes that you have made before applying these changes to the selected positions.
  • If you missed anything, you don't need to go back again to the sections and change them but you can edit them on this section instead.
  • When you think everything looks good and you are ready to apply these changes, click the "Confirm and apply" button

If you have questions and need some assistance, send us a message by clicking the intercom icon found at the bottom right of your dashboard or send us a message at

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