Here is what you need to do in order to export your applicants:

A. How to Export Applicants by Position?

STEP 1: Go to your Workstream dashboard, and there you have the option to filter for which positions you want to export your applicants

To filter your positions, you need to click on All Positions located next to the Search Box, and from there it’s up to you for which positions you may want to export data: All Positions;  Published Positions; Unpublished Positions (if any).

Select the Position that you wish to export. Go on the right side of your Workstream dashboard under the Actions column and select Export All Applicants.

STEP 3: On the top up box showed on the screen you can choose what applicants’ you want to export and the desired format (Excel, CSV or JSON), and lastly, if you wish to include offer letter, attachments and applicant profile as PDF, just simply click on each checkbox.

STEP 4: Click Export. Remember, you will receive the file via email.

B. How to Export or Download the Application Details Only for a Specific Applicant(s)?

STEP 1: Select the Applicants tab found at the upper side of the Workstream dashboard.

STEP 2: Select the applicants that you wish to export from the Applicants tab by ticking the check-boxes next to the names. 

STEP 3: Click Print Applicant to download into PDF.

Now you have all the data that you need in just one click! Simple isn't it?

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