Filtering your applicants

Filter applicants by score, tags and questions to find your best fit.

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A. Filtering applicants by score, messages, and tags

STEP 1: Log in to your Workstream account, then go to Applicants.

STEP 2: Choose the position that you wish to filter.

STEP 3: Choose Filters.

STEP 4: Select the checkboxes to filter based on Unread messages, Hasn't messaged back, Stuck in stage for > 1 day, Only with score, Rejected, or Applicant tags. Note that you can select multiple labels to filter.

STEP 5: Click on each tab to see all filtered applicants across all stages.

B. Filtering applicants by questions

STEP 1: From Applicants, choose the position that you wish to filter.

STEP 2: Choose Filters.

STEP 3: Scroll down to Questions.

STEP 4: Use the search button to type the keywords or relevant details that you are looking for from the answers submitted by the applicants. Select the relevant answer.

NOTE: Not all questions can be filtered. You can filter when using only Multiple Choice Questions, Checkboxes, and Dropdown types of questions at the moment. In order to maximize the use of this powerful feature, we encourage you to use these three setup types of forms.

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