This article talks about setting up your signing sequence. This means you have the option of how the online document will be signed. 

Step 1: Login into your Workstream account, and select Positions.

Step 2: Select the position you want to work on. Select Edit Position.

Step 3: Under Progress, choose Stages. Then scroll down to find your online signing stage.

STEP 4: Under the Settings panel, hit the edit box icon.

Here, you can do the following changes: edit company signatory name and email and set the singing sequence.

Under the signing sequence,

  • Same time - means that when you moved an applicant to the online signing stage, you and the applicant will receive the document at the same time.

  • Set an order - means that you can set an order whether you want to sign the document first or the other way around.

By dragging the two options, whoever appears to be at the top means will sign the document first.

STEP 6: If no further updates, select Cancel to save the details.

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