Workstream allows you to notify your teammates by tagging their names whenever you want to discuss your feedback on a certain applicant.

To mention one of your team members on a note, here is what you need to do.

STEP 1: Log in to your Workstream account, then go to Applicants.

STEP 2: Enter the applicant’s name/email or phone number inside the search box.

STEP 3: Select the applicant's name.

STEP 4: Go to the Feedback tab.

STEP 5: On the Feedback window, type the symbol @ under the internal notes section to see the list of your team members.

STEP 6: Select the name of the person you want to tag in your notes.


  • You can only select teammates that have access to the position that the applicant has applied for.

Adding feedback and rating to an applicant
Setting up notifications

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