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Adding a document through the standardized form feature
Adding a document through the standardized form feature

Workstream allows you to add and send various forms such as W9, I9, W4 among others that must be filled out when you bring on new employees.

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Here's how you can add a standardized form:

STEP 1: Log in to your Workstream account then go to Positions.

STEP 2: If you have multiple brands, select your brand name. Otherwise, proceed to step 3.

STEP 3: Click the arrow down button next to the brand name to select a location.

STEP 4: Select a position then click the three-dotted line located in the last column.

STEP 5: Select Edit Position.

STEP 6: Under Progress, choose Stages. Then scroll down to find your online signing stage.

NOTE: If you don't have an online signing stage, select the +Add new stage to add one.

STEP 7: Select Add new document.

STEP 8: Choose Use standardized form.

STEP 9: Select Choose standardized form then choose from the list of standard forms you want to add first.

STEP 10: Choose Select form.

If required, add a company signatory (take note that the applicant signature is the default). Hit the Company checkbox and type the name of the company signatory followed by the email address.

STEP 11: Select Save.

NOTE: If you want to add another standardized form, simply select Add new document.

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