Using the upload file feature, you can send any type of documents you wish your applicant to sign. This feature has no limitations as to how many numbers of documents you want to upload, and you can choose different merge tags to populate your document.

Here's how you can add a document using the upload file feature:

Step 1: Login in to your Workstream account, and select Positions.

Step 2: Select the position you want to work on. Select Edit Position.

Step 3: Under Progress, choose Stages. Then scroll down to find your online signing stage.

NOTE: If you don't have an online signing stage, select the +Add new stage to add one.

Step 4: Select Add new document.

Step 5: Choose Upload file. Upload the document from your computer, and for the best experience please use pdf format. 

If required, add a company signatory (take note that the applicant signature is the default). Hit the Company checkbox and type the name of the company signatory followed by the email address. Select Edit.

Step 6: A small window will appear for you to edit the file. Select among the available tags located at the left side of the panel and add them to your template.

NOTE: If you hit the company signatory (from step 4), make sure that you will add merge tags for the signatory to fill out. Else, your document will not be saved.

Step 7: Select Continue.

Step 8: Select Save.

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