Viewing your applicant's application

With Workstream, you can view and screen your applicants' details in one place.

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To view your applicant's application details, here is what you need to do:

STEP 1: From your Workstream account, go to Applicants.

STEP 2: Enter the name, email, or phone number of the applicant that you wish to view in the search box. Select the applicant’s name.

STEP 3: Choose what information you would like to view based on the following tabs: Application, Messages, Feedback, Files, Info.


  • The Application tab contains the applicant’s responses to the initial application stage, additional information questions, quizzes, onboarding questions, view and download documents, etc.

  • The Messages tab is where you can communicate in real-time with your applicants by sending them SMS or emails, and track all the communication history sent out to your applicants. Click the plus sign (+) to check the applicant updates and know everything that's happened throughout the application process.

  • The Feedback tab contains the applicant rating and evaluation, you can take your own notes and tag other teammates.  

  • The Files section contains the documents uploaded by the applicant such as resume, cover letter, and introduction video if any. The hiring manager can also upload files on this tab.

  • The Info section contains some general information regarding the applicant, such as contact details, position applied, current stage, and application source.

STEP 4: After reviewing and screening the information, you can choose to Reject or Move the applicant to another stage.

STEP 5: Open a new tab by clicking the icon beside the applicant's name if you wish to view the applicant's profile in a separate tab.

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