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Adding initials to the uploaded file
Adding initials to the uploaded file

An Initial tag allows your users and applicants to sign any online documents uploaded in your Workstream account.

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Using the initial tag,  both users and applicants can digitally sign from the platform using their initials to validate documents.

To add an initials tag to your document take the following steps:

STEP 1: Drag the Initials from the sidebar and drop it to where you want to place it in the document. You can also double-click on the part where you want to add the initials box.

STEP 2: Choose from the drop-down list in the Assigned to if you want to assign it for the applicant or the company signatory. This can also be set to either optional or required.


1. You can resize and add as many initial fields as you want.

2. Blue box is for applicants; the orange box is for the company signatory.

3. You can also change the label name by going to the Field name section.

If required, add a company signatory (take note that the applicant's signature is the default). Hit the Company checkbox and type the name of the company signatory followed by the email address. Select Edit.

STEP 3: Choose Continue and select Save.

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