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Sending an online signing document
Sending an online signing document

With Workstream, users can easily send online signing documents to applicants with minimal effort and less human error.

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To send your online signing document, take the following steps:

STEP 1: Log in to your Workstream account, and go to the Applicants tab.

STEP 2: Click the dropdown arrow to select the position you want to work on.

STEP 3: Select the current stage in which the applicant is parked. (Use the tabs Applications, Interviews, and Offers and hires or the drop-down arrow to select the stage.)

In the event that you need to manually move the applicant from the previous stage to the online signing stage, proceed to step 4.

STEP 4: Choose the applicant that you wish to move to the Online Signing stage.

STEP 5: Click the three dots on the far right side to pull up the three-dot menu.

STEP 6: Select Move to stage.

STEP 7: Choose the online signing stage from the drop-down list. 

STEP 8: Select Move and Send Signing Request.

NOTE: If the uploaded document includes the salary and the start_date tags, you will be asked to input the correct data for these before sending the document. 

In the event that you need to resend the online signing document, proceed to step 9.

STEP 9: Choose the applicant to whom you intend to resend the document.

STEP 10: On the corresponding applicant, click the three dots located on the far right side.

STEP 11: Select Send signing request.

STEP 12: Choose Send.

NOTE: The SMS is usually sent using shortcode 31063. If you wish to leave a contact number that applicants can reply back to, make sure that hr_phone_number is selected from the list of predefined merge tags. You can enable this tag here.

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