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Setting User Access to Specific Locations and/or Departments
Setting User Access to Specific Locations and/or Departments

Allow or restrict access to users based on location and/or department.

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Workstream allows you to set access for each user so that they will only be able to view positions or departments that they handle, as well as receive notifications based on these two factors.

Follow these steps to set user access:

STEP 1: From your Workstream dashboard, go to Company.

STEP 2: Under Company Settings, select Manage Users.

STEP 3: Select the employee that you wish to grant access to.

STEP 4: Under the Actions column, choose edit.

STEP 5: Go to Access to locations tab.

STEP 6: Turn on the button to give the employee access to all locations. Otherwise, mark the applicable locations/departments to grant the employee access.

STEP 7: Click Save.

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