Workstream's Onboarding Wizard lets you have firsthand experience in setting up your account and customize the information you want to be seen in your posts. 

To set up your account and publish your first job description using Workstream's Onboarding Wizard, take the following steps:

STEP 1: Click the link you received from the notification email upon successful signup with Workstream to be directed to the onboarding wizard. Create your password to start with then click Next.

STEP 2: Type in your company name. You can also add company introduction and logo then click Next.

STEP 3: Create your first job description. You can select Start from Scratch or choose from the pre-listed positions on the dropdown list.

STEP 4: Fill in Position title, department, and job description then click Next.

STEP 5: Type in the street address and location name of the position you are hiring then click Next.

STEP 6: Select which job boards you would like to publish your very first job role by ticking it's corresponding checkboxes. After that, click Complete.


  • Your first position will be published within the next 24 hours.
  • Remember that you can use any of the job description templates provided by Workstream whenever you are adding a new position.

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