You can add a company signatory when a company electronic signature is required on offer letters and other onboarding documents.

Through the Online Signing stage, Workstream can help you prepare the documents and set it up for the company signatory to sign online.

To add a company signatory, take the steps below:

STEP 1: From your Workstream dashboard, go to Positions.

STEP 2: Select the position to add a company signatory.

STEP 3: Choose Edit position.

STEP 4: From Stages, select the Online Signing Stage.

STEP 5: Select Add Document - Upload File. Follow the prompts to upload your document.

STEP 6: Select Company under Who do you want to sign this document?

STEP 7: Enter the full name and email address of the company signatory.

STEP 8: Choose Prepare Document, then hit Save.

NOTE: Once the company signatory is enabled, you will need to sign the document first before sending it out to the applicant. If the documents are not necessary to be signed electronically or, company signatory is not required to sign on the document, it would be best to leave the company signatory box empty so you won't need to take further steps.

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