Upon login, you can go to the Positions dashboard. In the body, you will see the different positions your company is hiring for.

NOTE: Every company may have a different permissions setup; hence, you may only be able to see applicants specific to your location/department.

If you wish to either view or move an applicant, you can select the position you are interested to look into or are currently hiring for to see the list of applicants.

  • To see applicants specific to the different stages of the hiring flow, simply select the stage you are interested in to see the applicants.

  • You can filter based on unread messages, applicants with scores, rejected applicants or applicant tags, which also helps in quickly narrowing down the applicants that suit the criteria you are looking for in that position.

By clicking on an applicant's name, you will be able to see the applicant’s information, add notes, view files they sent and send messages. You will also be able to move the applicant to the next stage or reject them altogether.  

Through the Positions dashboard, you can also take advantage of the Action button. With this powerful tool, you can move applicants around to any other stage within the hiring flow or even across positions or locations to one that you feel would suit the applicant better. Here is how you can do so. 

NOTE: Under the Action button, you can also send bulk texts and emails. Gone are the days where you have to manually email or text applicants one by one. You can also fully customize and add a personal touch to the message. Here is how.

Filtering your applicants
Moving applicants from one stage to another
Viewing your applicant's application
Uploading the applicant's documents
Rejecting an applicant manually

Want to talk to our Support team? Look for the Intercom icon at the bottom right part of your dashboard and click on New Conversation, or send an email at help@workstream.is.

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