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Automating the messages for the company signatory
Automating the messages for the company signatory

Automate the invitation messages for the company signatory to countersign documents for onboarding.

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If you are not receiving the online signing request links despite that your Workstream notification settings are properly set up, you may need to check if the online signing automated messages are switched on.

To check the online signing invitation letters/automated messages, here is what you need to do:

STEP 1: Log in to your Workstream account then go to Positions.

STEP 2: Click the arrow down button next to the brand name to select a location.

STEP 3: Select a position then click the three-dotted line located in the last column.

STEP 4: Select Edit Position.

STEP 5: From Stages, select Online Signing Stage.

STEP 6: Go to Automation.

STEP 7: Scroll down to When a company signatory needs to sign the documents..., toggle the button on.

STEP 8: Choose Edit message should you wish to edit the message content.

STEP 9: Send the company signatory a reminder automatically if necessary.

STEP 10: Scroll down to When the documents have been signed and completed, email the company signatory.

NOTE: If the automated message is switched off and the applicant has already signed the offer letter, the online signing link for the company signatory will not be generated. Thus, you would need to resend the offer letter to the applicant again once the automated message has been switched on.

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