Running background checks on applicants are made more accessible thanks to Workstream Checkr integration. However, these checks are not always smooth-sailing and you may sometimes receive error messages.

The most common error message you may receive is: 

The reason you may encounter the 1/1 fail error is that Checkr's system is unable to process the check, for the applicant may have put a character in their name that the system does not accept

In order to run a background check with no issues, the applicant's first and last name must only contain:

  • letters
  • numbers
  • spaces
  • hyphens
  • apostrophes
  • periods
  • commas

NOTE: Some applicants may use a right single quotation mark ('), instead of an apostrophe ('). They may look the same, however since Checkr's system is programmed to recognize the latter only, you will get the error message.

To fix this, you can edit the applicant's name to only have the apostrophe symbol. You can also remove the character instead.

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