There are times wherein an applicant may be in a different location when a user sent them an invitation for interview. When an applicant selects and confirms the schedule, Workstream will send a notification confirming the selected appointment date and time, which in turn, might indicate a different time zone from the user's view point.

To check if the time zone differs, follow the below steps: 

STEP 1: Go to the Applicants section of your Workstream dashboard, type in the name of the applicant in the search box.

STEP 2: Click on applicant’s name. The applicant’s profile will be displayed on the right portion of the window. Click on Messages tab.

STEP 3: Scroll down to Messages until you see Applicant System Update.
Click on the (+) symbol to view the schedule selected by the applicant and the time zone in applicant’s view point.

STEP 4: Check the email or SMS notification sent to the applicant. You can see the time zone is the same as per the Applicant System Update.

NOTE: The notification will indicate the originating time zone as per the applicant’s view point while on the User's part, the schedule will appear as per the User's time zone.

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