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Workstream Training | Screening Applicants
Workstream Training | Screening Applicants

Workstream gives you a variety of tools to help streamline your applicant screening.

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Screening your applicants is hands down one of the most important aspects of your initial hiring process. But let's back up for a minute. What exactly does screening applicants entail? What does screening actually refer to? 

Screening applicants typically involves the process of reviewing an applicants resume, cover letter, and overall application, as well as conducting th e initial phone or video interview.
Essentially, you’re deciding if an applicant is appropriate enough to conduct a more official interview to learn more information about them, and if they’d be a proper fit for the role you’re looking to fill. 

Screening is no easy task, and is oftentimes much easier said than done. Luckily, this is where Workstream comes in. Let’s go over a few of these tools together below!

1. Smart Screening Questions 

Designed to better filter applicants, Workstream offers the option to add smart screening questions to the first application form stage within your hiring process. A smart screening question allows you to auto reject applicants that do not meet the requirements you’ve asked.
Popular smart screening questions can be an age requirement, whether or not you’re legally able to work in a country or specific area, or if you have a driver's license. It can also be a customized requirement based on the skills you’re looking for within the specific position! 

2. Filtering 

Workstream offers a handful of options in terms of filtering your applicants. One option is assigning a custom score to your applicants. This allows you to create a whole other filtering system towards screening your applicants, solely based on the score/rating you give.
Here’s how to set up your scoring (evaluation) plan within your account. You also have the ability to filter your applicants based on the questions you’ve set up in your form stages, as well as the current application status of your applicants.

3. Internal Notes 

In addition to setting an applicant score, you can also add an internal note to each of your applicants. While this doesn’t exactly fall into a specific filter, it can help streamline communication between your Workstream team, and therefore better screen thoughts and questions towards an applicant, all in one place.
You can find the internal note section right next to scoring under the feedback tab within your applicant info. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative with it! By setting up a few of the options listed above, you have the ability to create your very own screening system within Workstream. 

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