One of our absolute favorites is our referral feature! Widely overlooked, but quite effective, let’s break down two ways you can use the Workstream referral feature to your boost your job sourcing! 

1.) Refer via email & text 

This is the primary function of our referral feature. Simply add your current employee’s / friends / family’s emails to the list, and share! You can find this under the Share All Positions tab on your Workstream homepage (left side of the dashboard.)
Workstream also offers a text-to-apply feature, where you can share a simple 4 digit number (or longer number for specific positions) that can be sent to a specific phone number, which will then allow them the opportunity to apply to a position start to finish from their mobile device. 

We highly recommend sharing this text-to-apply opportunity with current employees (perhaps include the text-to-apply number in your referral email 😉), friends and family as well! 

Here’s a quick refresher on how to access this feature on Workstream:

2.) Refer via LinkedIn / Social Media 

Not to be confused with sharing a position via social media, this tip goes a bit deeper. Rather than simply posting the job to your social media page/timeline, we suggest taking it a step further, and contact specific professional colleagues or connections on
LinkedIn or over social media, and share either your text-to-apply number, or the link the position itself. A simple message such as: 

“Hey colleague, I know you have a handful of great connections in this job field and I wanted to share a brand new opening we have! If you have anyone in mind that might be a good fit, we’d be grateful if you pushed the opening their way. And certainly keep me in mind for any future openings you may have as well!”

This could go a long way! When taking this route, be sure to emphasize a willingness to do the same when they have an opening. This can also help you in creating authentic, long term professional connections! We also offer an additional sponsored option when posting on LinkedIn. 

Essentially, you pay a flat fee and we’ll do all the leg work on setting you up with a sponsored LinkedIn job post. If this is something you’re interested in, definitely get in touch!

Bottom line, don’t let this article serve as your only food for though in terms of how to get creative with your referrals!
We’ve seen great success and top notch talent come from clients who actively use their referral feature, and it makes sense! Your best employees will know others who could be a best fit as well. 

Found success using your referral program? Let us know!

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