On one side, it’s obvious that your HR team will want a smooth transition from the first application entries, to the set up and scheduling of phone or onsite interviews, to the offer letter and signing of documents. The other (less thought of) side, is that of the applicant. It’s equally important to realize that the applicant will want the same ease of use as your HR team. 

Perhaps even more! It’s a simple equation, really : The smoother the hiring process = the smoother the applying. 

This results in more applicants, a better chance at top notch talent, and superior fit with the role + team overall. We simply cannot skim over the importance of your hiring process. 

So, let’s go over how to master your hiring process, and get you the best qualified applicants smoothly into your pipeline! The first part involves accessing your position settings on Workstream. 

Part 1: Accessing your Position settings

1. Select the position you’re looking to customize. Clicking into the position will bring you into your current hiring process stages.

2. Once you’ve clicked into your position, you’ll see what your current hiring pipeline looks like. We at Workstream do provide a great process for you to get started with, depending on your industry, but we always suggest taking some time to customize it to your liking.

To dig into your hiring process further, click the Edit position button to the left of Share Position and Add Applicant. This will bring you into your position settings, where we can deep dive into your hiring stages!

NOTE: If you plan on using the same hiring process across multiple positions, we suggest using the Duplicate Position function, which can be found on the action tab while viewing all positions.

Part 2: Digging into your Position specifics

1. Job Descriptions 

One of the most overlooked, yet absolutely essential pieces of your hiring flow puzzle. The job description shouldn’t just act as an overview or explanation of the position. It’s often times the first thing a potential applicant reads, and therefore, needs to be eye catching, exciting, and encompassing of not only the importance of the position, but the company and its culture as well! 

To put it simply, your Job Description needs to stand out.
Looking for some inspiration in this category? Click here to learn about how to write amazing job descriptions (you can skip to number 2 on the list).

2. Customize Your Hiring Stages 

Just as job positions and roles vary within a company, so should the application process for said positions and roles. This means customizing your hiring stages to fit the requirements and information needed to best sort, screen, and review your applicants. 

Sure, each application needs a name, email, and phone number, but what are some specific requirements of your position? What are you looking for within your applicants that will set them apart from the others?
Once you’ve found the answer to these types of questions, formulate it into a requirement within one of your Hiring Stages. 

Here at Workstream, we offer a variety of different types of Hiring Stages, check them out here to find which stage would best fit your formula. When designing your hiring stages, think in terms of the applicants journey, and when you should implement certain questions, quizzes, and additional information within your application process. 

3. Add Company Content 

What makes your business stand out against others in your industry? Perhaps it’s your environmentally sustainable approaches to the work you do? Or, the culture within your company? Do you have any content to highlight what makes you different? If so, add a small portion of it to your application process! 

Whether it’s a short video breaking down the awesomeness of your internal team, or a case study from a successful client, use your strengths to attract the strongest talent! 

Another great piece of company content to include within your application process is your core company values. When an applicant reads and connects with similar values, they’ll become much more eager to get a finished application in asap! 

Here’s a quick refresher on how to upload content to your hiring stages:

Also, it's very important to have the company's description, and logo up to date, as this information will be visible on all the job postings done by your company.
Here you will find all the info on how to update the company description and logo.

4. Set Up Automation rules

Work smart, not hard, right? With the automation options in Workstream, we’ve set you up with a double threat. 

Not only does automation cut down on the manual labor of moving applicants down your hiring process, but it also aids in keeping a steady and direct stream of communication between you and your applicants. 

We highly suggest setting up some automated reminders with each of your hiring stages. Looking for more info on automation within Workstream?
We’ve got you covered.

Overall, the key takeaway here is to again look and think about your job posting and hiring process from both sides of the street : your internal HR, and the applicant. 

With Workstream, the freedom to customize your position and process is endless, and we hope the above points can act as a solid foundation towards further customizing and catering to fit all your needs.
If you've run out of ideas, or are just getting started, we’ve got you covered below! 

Want to talk to our Support team? Look for the Intercom icon at the bottom right part of your dashboard and click on New Conversation or send an Email at help@workstream.is.

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