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Know about deep linking, and how it helps easily access direct links on the Workstream app.

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The Workstream app is very helpful if you’re always on your feet and don't have much time to sit in front of your computer. However, as straightforward as the app is, there are instances where it would take a lot more than a couple of taps to get to a specific point.

This is where deep linking comes in. The deep linking feature provides users the ability to directly access a specific page, section, or tab in the Workstream app with a single tap.

Here is how deep linking works:

When you receive a notification from Workstream regarding an applicant’s progress, there is always a direct link provided to help access the information with ease. 

  • If you are viewing the notification from a computer all you need to do is simply click on the Direct Link button.

  • With deep linking, you can also access the link on mobile by tapping on the Direct Link button. 

  • Afterwards a pop-up will appear, tap on Download or open the Android/iOS app. 

  • The app will launch and directly go to the point specified in the link, thus eliminating the need to manually open the Workstream app to look for it.

NOTE: For deep linking to work, make sure that you have the Workstream app installed on your Smartphone, and that you are logged in.

You can download the Workstream app from the iOS App Store, or from the Android Google Play Store.

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