Workstream Connector is a free application and is exclusively available for Workstream users. This app seeks to get your company permission to link your Workstream account and export your hired applicants data over to ADP.

If you are both an ADP and Workstream admin, you can now link your Workstream account to ADP for a smoother hiring flow. If you have already setup your new hire template in ADP, the next step is to signup for Workstream Connector and complete the authentication flow. If you haven't done so, click here.

To signup for Workstream Connector, take the following steps.

STEP  1: Go to ADP Marketplace and search for Workstream Connector app. Click Buy Now.

Step 2: Check the details of your order under Step 1 (Create Order). Click Continue.

Step 3: Enter your Workstream login email on the Product Settings under Step 2 (Additional Information). Note that you would need to have a valid Workstream login email address to proceed. Click the Check button to validate your email, then click Continue.

Step 4: Confirm your order by ticking the check box beside the acknowledgment statement, then click Place Order.

Step 5: You should be able to get an Order Receipt once app is successfully purchased. Click Go To My Apps to continue.

STEP 6: Under Applications, click the Workstream Connector app logo highlighted in red. You will be directed to the consent request to link your ADP account to your Workstream account. Click Allow when asked for permission.

Step 7: The confirmation page will appear. Click Continue and you will be directed to the Workstream dashboard to create your onboarding template.

Your company needs to download and signup for Workstream Connector only once.

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