The first step to complete your ADP integration with Workstream is to setup your new hire template in ADP. This step allows you to create an onboarding template in your ADP account so you can easily export your new employees from Workstream and begin with your onboarding process.

To setup the new hire template in ADP, follow the steps below.

STEP 1: From the ADP website, click Administrator Sign in and login.
STEP 2: Click Setup located at the top blue toolbar, then look for Template Management. Select Hire/Rehire.

STEP 3: If you have an existing Applicant Onboard template from the list, proceed to Step 5. Otherwise, follow Step 4

STEP 4. Select from existing new hire template with the word System. Click Copy. Name the new template as Applicant Onboard.

STEP 5: Select the Applicant Onboard template and click Assign Users located on the left panel.  It should have the two profile groups listed below to proceed and ensure that both are selected with a check mark on it. Otherwise, contact the main Practitioner/Admin role who manages your ADP account. Click Next.

STEP 6: Review your Notifications Settings, then click Next, then Done. You are now ready to link your Workstream account to ADP. For more info click here.

You can set this up at anytime, however, it is best to complete this step first before integration to ensure smoother flow and to avoid disruption of the process.

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