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Adding/updating your phone number
Adding/updating your phone number

Steps to follow when users wish to add, edit or delete their phone numbers.

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Having an updated phone number in the account is important, especially if a user opted to receive text message notifications, all types of users are allowed to add, edit or delete their own phone numbers.  

Follow these steps if you wish to add, edit or delete your phone number:

STEP 1: From the left menu, select the gear icon.

STEP 2: Select Account.

STEP 3: Under Account Settings, go to Profile.

STEP 4: Choose edit beside the Phone number.

STEP 5: Enter your phone number, then choose Update.

STEP 6: To delete your phone number, follow the same steps then delete the existing phone number. Choose Update.

NOTE: Your phone number is used only for notifications, so applicants will not see it.

Want to talk to our support team? Look for the Intercom icon at the bottom right of your dashboard and click on New Conversation, or email

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