This module is a part of the onboarding system which allows you to create an online form and gather necessary information on your new hire to complete your onboarding process. Similar to a Form Stage, you can customize your questions, embed a video from YouTube or a file from SlideShare, and use a data validation tool.

To add the Custom Form module to your onboarding process, follow these steps:

STEP 1: From your Workstream dashboard, go to Onboarding.

STEP 2: On the left panel, select Processes.

STEP 3: Choose Create new process or select an existing process to edit.

STEP 4: Enter your Process Name, then Next.

STEP 5: Choose Custom Form as your module type, then Add Form.

STEP 6: Under Setup form for employee to complete, choose Set up.

STEP 7: Select Add question to create short answer, paragraph answer, file upload, checkbox, multiple choice or drop down types of question. Turn on Mandatory question if necessary. You can also select Data validation to set a limit on your new hire inputs.

STEP 8: Choose Add.

STEP 9: Repeat steps 7-8 to add more.

STEP 10: Select Add form element if you wish to create a text block with hyperlink, add an image, embedded file, or embed a YouTube video. Select Add. Again, repeat this step to add more.

STEP 11: Choose Done.

STEP 12: If a reviewer is required to validate the information your new employee submits, simply choose Add Reviewer. Select the HR name to assign, then Save.

STEP 13: Choose Save and go back, then select Finish.

Adding a form stage

Using the data validation tool
Embedding a file from slideshare
Adding a video from YouTube

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