With Workstream's and Job Target's partnership comes a better and smarter way to reach applicants. With 20,000 job boards being powered by Job Target, you are assured to never run out of options.

Integrating Job Target into Workstream's system came about due to the desire to help you find job boards that are relevant to a position, and to help you connect with only the applicants that are fit for the job.

To publish to job boards powered by Job Target, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Log in to your Workstream account then go to Locations.

STEP 2: Click on a position, then go to Settings.

STEP 3: On the Progress panel at the left, click on Job boards.

STEP 4: You will see that some of the listed job boards are "Powered by Job Target." Some examples are Snag, Hcareers, and LinkedIn. Toggle to turn on or off a job board in order to publish a job posting.

STEP 5: If you wish to publish or to see more job boards, type keywords relevant to the position in the search bar located above the listed job boards. As a result, more options will show up. Select a job board, and Toggle to turn on or off a job board in order to publish a job posting.

NOTE: Workstream does not directly bill job postings that are published in job boards powered by Job Target.

Want to talk to our Support team? Look for the Intercom icon at the bottom right part of your dashboard and click on New conversation, or send an Email at help@workstream.is

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