One way to increase the exposure of your job ad is to post a job through LinkedIn and connect to Workstream directly. LinkedIn is proven to be an effective platform as it is a professional networking site in which both employers and job seekers can directly connect.

To post a job through LinkedIn, follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Log in to your LinkedIn account. Select Work from the menu tab next to your account name, then choose Post a job.

STEP 2: Enter your job title, company, job location, and employment type. Choose Get started for free.

STEP 3: Enter your job description. Select Add skills if necessary then choose Continue.

STEP 4: Under the section How would you like to receive your applicants?, select External website from the dropdown list. Under the Website address, paste the job application page from Workstream. To copy the job application page from Workstream, proceed to step 5.

STEP 5: Log in to your Workstream account. Copy the job link which can be found through the Share Position button from Workstream and paste it on the field provided in step 4.

STEP 6: Select Preview to see how the job post will look like to your applicants. Choose Continue.

STEP 7: You can choose to promote your post by selecting a daily budget to boost your job post or you can also leave it as a free post. Your daily budget determines the promotion your job post will get on LinkedIn. The higher your daily budget is the more chances of getting more applicants faster. You can also choose when to keep your job post open. To proceed, select Promote job.

STEP 8: Select your payment method. You can pay using AMEX, Mastercard, Visa card or Paypal. Enter your billing information depending on the option selected.

STEP 9: Finally, review your order and choose Post job.

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