Publish a new position right on your phone 👌

New position that you need to hire for on the go? No problem! Just download our mobile app (Android & iOS), and you can create and publish a position right on your phone using Workstream's templates.

A shorter text-to-apply number 💬

Text-to-apply is an excellent way of capturing the interests of applicants in person, whether you post it up in your store, or distribute it in business cards or flyers. Now, applicants can text a much shorter number - 31063 - to apply. Let us know if you want us to print some business cards for you!

Show applicants how they missed a quiz 💯

Workstream's multiple-choice quiz just got more powerful! You can use our quiz stage to screen applicants based on their responses. Now, if they missed something, you can help them improve on the next try. Simply set this up in Stage Settings → Automation.

Your Feedback is Needed!

We are tackling a few thorny issues on our product roadmap, and we'd love to hear from you. Click below to let us know if you want to chime in on any topics:

Download our mobile app!

Workstream is now available as a native mobile app! Download Workstream on Android and iOS.

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