Happy Thanksgiving for all our clients in the US! We are thankful for your support! 🙏


Notifications via text messages 💬

You are on the go, and so are our notifications. You can now sign up for notifications to be sent to your phone via text messages by going to settings. Better yet, download our Android and iOS mobile app to get updates immediately!

Revamped help center 💡

We made a major update to our help center, with step-by-step guides and short videos to help you get questions answered. Check it out, and of course our support team is here for you when you need it :)

Track interviews and no-shows ⏱

We hope to reduce no-shows, but it unfortunately still happens. You can now mark applicants as "no-show" in Workstream so we can help you better keep track over time. We will also now require an applicant to give a reason for last-minute rescheduling.

Track applicant across the company 📄

When an applicant applies to multiple positions across your company, Workstream will flag it and you can easily see the status of their applications to make an informed decision going forward.

Your Feedback is Needed!

We are tackling a few thorny issues on our product roadmap, and we'd love to hear from you. Click below to let us know if you want to chime in on any topics:

Download our mobile app!

Workstream is now available as a native mobile app! Download Workstream on Android and iOS.

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