Setting up a criterion in the evaluation plan

Learn how to add a criterion in the Evaluation Plan so that managers can leave an internal comment or rate an applicant after an interview.

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The Evaluation Plan feature allows you to set up your own criteria that are applicable to all positions. These are internal and only available to the users of the platform.

To add a criterion, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Log in to your Workstream account.

STEP 2: Go to Company.

STEP 3: Under the Company Settings, select Evaluation Plans.

STEP 4: Make sure that ‘Enable evaluation plan for my company’ is switched on.

STEP 5: Choose an Overall score type.

STEP 6: Under Criteria, select the Add criterion button to set up your evaluation plan.

STEP 7: Add the criterion Name, add a Description, then choose a Score type.

STEP 8: Toggle the switch if you wish for the Criterion to be a Mandatory question.

STEP 9: Once you are done setting up, select Add.

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