Your best employees aren't just valuable when their shifts start - they can also be valuable recruiters too. Some of the most successful companies ask their staff to refer friends and family who are also looking for work, because they get applicants who are already vetted by people they trust.

Sharing your careers page is probably the easiest way to go. From the Positions tab in Workstream, selecting Share positions will bring up a window with everything you need.

The first option is to share the link to your careers page. That link can be copied and sent to any employee, who you can ask to subsequently share the link with their friends and family.

Tracking your employee referrals

If you want to track how many applicants you're getting with your referral link, you can turn on Use referral source link and add whatever tag you'd like. I chose employee here, which you can see reflected in the URL right below it. Selecting COPY next to that field will copy the link complete with referral source, letting you track any applicants that came from a referral.

Asking lots of employees at once

The other way to send out lots of referral requests at once uses the Referral tab inside the referral window. You can customize your message, though be sure to include the {{company_link}} merge field, since that's the link to your careers page.

In Send to you can add whichever email addresses or phone numbers you'd like, and Workstream will send an email or text with your message. You can mix and match, so add whoever you'd like to refer more applicants!

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