Another module that you can add to your Onboarding process is the Sign Documents. Similar to the online signing stage, you can also upload your signing documents and prepare the merge fields through HelloSign.

To add the Sign Documents module and prepare your signing documents, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Log in to your Workstream account, then go to Onboarding.

STEP 2: On the left panel, select Processes.

STEP 3: Select your process. Go to Actions on the last column and select Edit process.

STEP 4: Choose Add new module.

STEP 5: Select Sign Documents then choose Upload document.

STEP 6: Make sure that your document is in PDF format. Upload your PDF document

and select who needs to sign the document.

If required, add a company signer. On the dropdown list, select the name/s of the User/s or Role/s who you would like to sign the document. You can also add additional company signers.

Please note: If an employee is hired at a location that doesn’t have one of these roles assigned and is put in this onboarding process, a super admin will be automatically asked to complete the section instead.

STEP 7: Choose Prepare document.

STEP 8: To add the merge tags, drag the textbox field from the left toolbar and drop it to its intended place.

STEP 9: On the right toolbar, assign who fills the textbox (sender, employee or company signatory) then turn on/off the Required field to make it optional or required.

STEP 10: Add a label to the Placeholder text field then choose Continue.

STEP 11: Choose Save.

NOTE: If multiple users or a certain role are assigned as a signatory, any of the assigned users or users having the same role can complete the process regardless of who started it.

Also, if your company signer was disabled, ownership of the task will automatically reassign to other assigned owners or to the Super Admin if no other assigned users exist. If the task is in progress, it will be restarted.

Adding the Custom Form module to your onboarding process

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