The Super Admin signup wizard

A quick guide to set up key pieces to get your Workstream account up and running in no time.

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Follow these steps to get through the signup wizard.

STEP 1: Log in to your Workstream account.

STEP 2: Enter your company's name and introduction. Company introduction should be at least contains 150 characters. You can also upload your company logo. Then, choose Next.

STEP 3: Add the location where you're hiring, starting with the street address and postal code. Choose Next.

STEP 4: Add your first job title.

STEP 5: Enter the location, rate of pay, job type, remote type, and job description. Click Next.

STEP 6: Select who conducts interviews at the indicated location. Indicate the hiring manager's first name, last name, email address, and phone number. You can also select I will conduct the interviews.

STEP 7: Select your availability for interviews. You can edit the dates and times later. Click Next.

STEP 8: Now you're ready to hire. Select Publish my first position to job boards to continue.

STEP 9: Your position will be published on the following free job sites. Select Go to position if you wish to make changes to your first job ad.

Want to talk to our Support team? Look for the Intercom icon at the bottom right part of your dashboard and click on new conversation, or send an email to

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