Resending Onboarding Stage

Update and correct your employee Onboarding details without the need to stop the whole onboarding process

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You can now resend a specific stage or module for your employee to resubmit in the event there are mistakes or updates in the info submitted by them. This feature is especially available to any stage type including the W-4 and I-9 forms but not applicable to integration stages such as ADP and E-Verify.

STEP 1: From the Dashboard, go to the Onboarding tab and go to Employees

STEP 2: Click the name of the employee you want to view.

STEP 3: Go to Documents.

STEP 4: Expand the Onboarding menu.

STEP 5: Select the stage to resend. Click the resend icon.

STEP 6: Choose Confirm and Restart.

NOTE: Below are the stages that you can resend for employee onboarding.

If it's a signing stage that requires a manager's signature, the manager will be notified when the new document needs their attention, and the employee will reappear under the In progress tab or status to make sure they get attention.

NOTE: If a stage was resent manually to the new employee, the status will show as Redo. This means the new employee would need to complete this stage again for it to be accessible to the hiring manager.

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